Order deliveries

When order is received before 9pm, shipping takes place the following day between 10am and 8pm. On the day of delivery, the client will be contacted by the driver to confirm delivery slot and delivery address. If it is impossible to ship the product within the next 24 hours, the customer will be notified in advance by phone and email.

Orders are delivered across three on demand delivery slots as follows:


The customer can provide special delivery instructions in the Note section.

We deliver for free for a minimum order as indicated in the check out page.

Yes, during checkout you will be given the option to select your delivery slot.

You can also leave a note in the dedicated area at checkout with any delivery instructions for the driver.

Problems with the order

If you have problems with order delivery, send an email with your order details to the email address porosi@qafshtama.com and our service support agents will request priority delivery of your order.

In this case, please write to our customer care at porosi@qafshtama.com.

In the email, you should include as much information as possible, including a photo of the damaged package, delivery time and any contact you might have of the driver who delivered the package.

We will verify the problem, and in case of damage during transport we will immediately refund you the cost of the damaged package.

Whenever there is delay with deliveries due to any reason, you will be notified by phone regarding the change. Following this, we will prioritize your delivery which in any case will be received no longer than 3 days from the moment of the notice.

Whenever you should need our support with this, please write to us at the email address: porosi@qafshtama.com and the staff will get back to you as soon as possible in the next 24 hours.

If you have received the wrong product, please contact our customer service at the email address porosi@qafshtama.com we will replace it with the correct item at no additional charge.

If you received a smaller amount of product than what you paid for, we will refund you directly as per your chosen payment method.

Minimum order quantity

Minimum order quantity for home delivery is 5 cases.

Payment methods

Available payment methods in our shop include:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Payment by bank
  • Credit or debit card payments

Write to us at our email address porosi@qafshtama.com and we will cancel the order and return the funds immediately.

Enter your profile in the "Payments" section and follow the relevant steps.

Online purchase process

It is the first e-commerce platform in Albania that brings all "Qafshtama" products from the source directly to your tables.

All products of the "Qafshtama" company are available in our online store, packed in cases.

No, you don’t need an account to start adding products to your cart. You will only need to create an account before finalizing your purchase.


Reach out at porosi@qafshtama.com detailing the problem as well as the electronic device you are using at the time of creating your account. One of our technical support agents will help you within 24 hours.

Carefully check the emails in the SPAM section, and if you don't find it there either, then send us an email with your problem at porosi@qafshtama.com

Reach out at porosi@qafshtama.com and we will immediately delete your account.


Reach out at porosi@qafshtama.com and we will immediately delete your account.

Our water

Qafshtama Natural Mineral Water originates at an altitude of 1350m on the mountain of Qafshtama.

It penetrates from the depths of the earth through magmatic rocks from where it is naturally filtered and enriched with mineral salts.

Qafshtama water is recommended for use by children and pregnant women as it contains zero nitrates. Nitrates are harmful substances for human health. In addition to the other values ​​it contains, Qafshtama water is a safe for health.

Natural mineral water comes from an underground aquifer formation from which it originates on the surface of the earth, with a stable composition of minerals. The bottle is filled directly at the source and is not chemically treated so as not to be wasted its natural values

Qafshtama water is present in 12 formats. The Prestigious range in plastic bottles is in: 0.5 L natural and gas, 1.5 L natural and gas and 2 L natural. Premium range in glass bottles in: 250 ml natural and gas, 500 ml natural and gas and 750 ml natural and gas. Business format 19 L.