Një ditë në Qafë Shtamë

A day in Qafështama

The natural beauty of Albania has become a weekend tradition.

Exploring the natural beauty of Albania has become a weekend tradition for some young people. The group "My Albania Nature Explorers" recently visited Qafeshtama National Park, a protected area located about 25 km northeast of Kruja. The group of 40 explorers were inspired by a media announcement and dressed in appropriate clothing for the climb. They stopped frequently to take photos and socialize. The guides considered the destination to be of moderate difficulty, but there is always a risk of accidents, especially if visitors are not careful. The group had a first-aid kit, but unfortunately, not all guides who take groups on these trips are licensed. Licensed guides are only found in the northern mountains, where the terrain is more difficult. Visitors should be aware of the risks and take precautions to ensure their safety.

Source: Living.al