Our story

Our water gets unique cool, crisp taste from the journey through Qafshtama Alps. It starts as snow and rain and traveling through layers of magmatic rocks where it becomes naturally and enriched with electrolytes and minerals. Nature gives our water everything it needs – we don't add things for taste or enhance with extras.



Water that has a low composition of mineral salts. They are ideal for
daily consumption and are recommended in the preparation of baby food.

Rich in Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the 7 vital minerals for the human body. It helps in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous system. It relaxes the muscles and helps lower blood pressure.

No nitrates

The lower the nitrates, the cleaner the water. Nitrates are unwanted and harmful substances for human health. It is recommended to consume water with zero nitrates.

Low Sodium

Waters with low sodium content (less than 20 mg/l) are recommended for daily needs, in diets and for those suffering from high blood pressure.