Qafshtama Water is a light, natural mineral water with low sodium and naturally high magnesium content. It travels approximately 1350 alpine meters in less than 48 hours from the source to our tables, where it is fresh, quality-controlled, and protected. These and other qualities are why Albanians have chosen it as their favorite water.

Natural electrolytes (mg/L) and Mineral composition (mg/L)

Water Attributes


An alkaline earth metal mineral that plays a vital role in metabolic, muscular, and cardiovascular function. A 2L bottle of Qafshtama mineral water provides 17% of an adult's daily magnesium requirement.

Our source

Our water originates from fresh springs at an altitude of 1350 m on the mountain of Qafshtama.

It flows from the depths of the earth through magmatic rocks where it is naturally filtered and enriched with mineral salts. The source is known for its healing properties as the fresh water it is light and rich in magnesium.

At Qafshtama we understand the importance of preserving the natural integrity of the water we offer! This is why we use innovative technologies to ensure that each bottle captures the essence of the spring.

The Queen Mother Spring

The name of Qafshtama’s spring, "Queen Mother's Spring", dates back to 1932, when the Albanian royal family “Zogu“ decided to have all of Albania's water sources analyzed in order to choose the purest and highest quality water for their own consumption. After a series of tests conducted in a Vienna laboratory, Qafshtama was selected as the winner. That same year, Queen Mother inaugurated a famous fountain from which the crystal-clear water flows. From that point on, the source was given the name "Queen Mother's Crown," adding a layer of history to the early past of these mountains. Kroi is now a part of Albania's list of natural monuments.

Qafshtama National Park

The Qafshtama National Park is a protected natural park that lies about 25 kilometers east of Kruja. Qafshtama Park was designated as a protected area in 1966. It has an area of 2000 hectares, with a beautiful mountain landscape consisting mainly of pine forests, several small lakes and rare water sources. This park stands out for its natural values and virgin forests. Since the time of the dictatorship, the holiday camp in Qafshtama has served as a destination for the treatment of various lung diseases.

Our story

We began in 2006 when a leading company in the food industry in Albania, EHW Gmbh, decided to invest in a state of the art factory and distribution system for the packaging of the miraculous Qafshtama water directly at the source "Kroi i Nêna Mbretereshe" at an altitude of 1350 m.